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Viking jewelry –

Norse jewelry is peaking the curiosity, nowadays mainly, because of the popular tv show Vikings. Thor a Viking god, is also a popular comic book character, popularized by movies and is best known as a mighty superhero wielding his war hammer named Mjölnir.

Viking jewelry

Thor the son of Odin, however, was one of many, once worshiped in the many god religions of the  old Norseman of medieval times.

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This solid sterling silver thor hammer pendant measures approx 1.5 inches and weighs about an oz of silver. it comes with a leather cord and as with all my hammers custom runes are avaiable. If desired up to 4 runes can be cut into this fantastic heavy silver hammer enter below.

Solid Sterling 15 in hammer

Separated geographically from the rest of Europe, the Vikings held their own religious beliefs for much longer and only converted to Christianity once peaceful trade agreements were reached with their neighboring countries.

Before this happened, however, the Vikings spread fear and terror in England for almost three hundred years. They developed their long ships which unlike any other ships at the time were able to sail up rivers and were much faster than any contemporary ships, giving them a decided advantage in their raiding and pillaging excursions.

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his thor hammer pendant is made from stainless steel and features a textured face hammer head and measures approx 1.5 inches top to bottom. Comes with leather cord.

Thor hammer sts hammered

Whereas the Vikings are perhaps best known for the terror and fear they evoked among their unsuspecting victims, archaeological remains, indicate and a rich and advanced culture that goes beyond a simple warrior tribe of people.

A little known fact is that the Vikings were a European people that discovered America long before Christopher Columbus set foot on its shores.

Another misconception is that Vikings wore horned or winged helmets. This was first revealed in Wagner’s operas and has no basis in historical fact.

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Sterling silver museum copy of a danish thor hammer pendant from about 1000ce. It measures approx 1.6 inches and come with a chain.

Danish museum copy thor hammer

Little is known about the day to day lives of the ancient Vikings, because all the left behind were carved runes as they left no other written record.

The Viking sagas are romantic tales of the Viking lore, however, were passed by word of mouth and only written down many centuries later.


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This Odinist ritual style thor hammer in sterling silver measures approx 1.1 inches high has hidden loop and come with a leather cord.

Sterling odinist thor hammer



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