Black Diamond Rising

Black in fashion and Jewelry

What does black mean?

Could the reason for the rising trend of black diamonds in jewellery fashion be attributed to the actual colour?

The term black or white signifies complete opposites, often representing a definitive stance on a topic as opposed to the grey area in between.

There are positive and negative connotations to either, where most often black is negative and white is positive e.g. dark forces, black magic against the pure, angelic references to white. White, however, often refers to innocence and purity similar to that of childhood, which is not necessarily an image a person wishes to portray.

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Black clothing is often worn to express mourning or sadness, but these negative emotions are not the only ones portrayed by being attired in black clothing.

Black is the most common style for formal events, showing success, elegance, sophistication and wealth. Black also hints at other qualities such as mystery, rebellion and sexual aggression. 

Traditionally in modern culture the bride wears a white wedding dress. This style became especially fashionable, after the marriage of Queen Victoria to Albert of Saxe-Coburg in 1840, reportedly to incorporate some lace that she treasured at the time. It is widely assumed that a white wedding dress signified virginity or purity, however, this practice appears to be a trend started by the royal household in the 19th century.

The combination of black and white is very fashionable in clothing and jewellery, creating a sense of balance and breaking the monotony of either in isolation.

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